After some serious evaluation of my stuff (material possessions), I’m realizing how badly I want to get rid of most of it. Ironic? I’m supposed to value stuff, right? I mean, the advertisements and endless commercials tell me all about how stuff will fill a void, change my life and make me happier…? BS. You make yourself happy. Stuff is a false friend.

I’m becoming more disenchanted with stuff and more subscribed to minimalist thought than ever before. I’ve met sadhus and drifters and monks  and a whole variety of those lacking material weight all over the world (some by choice, others not so much); and I’m finding out that the trinkets we buy, the fine designer threads we rock, the stuff we accumulate–it’s all empty. It will all be gone one day. It does not define us.  And, sadly so, if we lean on stuff to find pleasure then we are leaning on an empty promise.

Here’s the problem with stuff:

a.) We have to clean our stuff.

b.) We have to store our stuff.

c.) We have to protect our stuff.

d.) We have to maintain our stuff.

Stuff is not stuff alone, it’s an exchange of the money, time & energy you initially spent on it to acquire it; as well as the money, time & energy you will continue to exchange for it in order to use, maintain and/or store it.  Therefore, stuff can be defined in terms of your valuable life existence you consciously exchange in order to acquire and keep it. 

I believe all choices in life come back to BALANCE. Will we need some stuff? Absolutely! Will some stuff provide value in our lives or the lives of others (e.g. computers, tools, etc.)? Yes! Will we often get confused with what we need, what provides value, and what we ‘want”? Easy to get confused with all those ads being thrown at us. The key is striking the balance.

So what to do?

Get rid of stuff. Give stuff away. Make your own stuff.  Get out of debt by not purchasing new stuff. Resist buying stuff you don’t need. Resist buying stuff that does not create value. Turn off the commercials. And, as Becoming Minimalist says, “Live more. Own less.”

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